Realtime Spammers BlackList (RSBL)

    Currently, we strongly recommended that you use LibAntispam engine to maintain your own filters using the spammers hostnames (or it's fragments), it's IP numbers, etc. This is more quick and simple to block spammers than submit an request to us because we have been finding several legal difficulties to put hosts in this blacklist due Brazilian court decisions in favor of some mail-marketing companies (see in Brazilian portuguese: Sentença equipara spam ao envio de mala direta, Decisão TJ-MS 2002.1810149-0 and Conselho do MP arquiva representação contra spams no PR).
    So, until the Brazilian Congress create a legal legislation to support Spammers Blacklists, we decided to suspend future inclusions in this RSBL list to void legal actions against us in Brazilian courts.
    NOTE: However, this decision don't affect the Open-Relays Verifying Engine Database List (ORVEDB).

    NOTE: Our realtime lists are freely exported by anybody who wants to use them. If any host XXX blocked a delivering mail from a third-party host that is listed here, it is because the third-party host MUST comply with the rules that the XXX's admin (not our rules) requires to a mail message can be delivered to it. We are just verifing to the XXX's admin whether a host is a spammer, open-relay or IP/DIALUP machine or not.